KWT and the group is committed to providing the most cost effective water & effluent treatment through an established organisation with over 50 years experience and technical know-how.

The group have more than 3,600 installations world-wide in a range of industries treating tens of millions of cubic metres of water and waste water per year.

Paper over 1000 North America over 600
Food & Beverage over 2000 South America over 300
Municipal over 600 Europe over 2000
Portable & Process Water over 30 Asia/Australia over 600
General Applications over 300 Africa over 30


Treatment of effluent after settlement clarifier to allow recycling of water.
Total capacity 80 m3/hr.
MCH 8, KSF 3/1, KSF 5/1
Tissue Machine whitewater. 250 m3/hr
Megacell MCH 25
Cardboard for food packaging using virgin fibers and waste paper as furnish. SPC 18 is used for the primary treatment. The recovered fibre is totally reused. The clarified water is partially recycled the remaining water is sent to the biological treatment.
SPC 18 – Activated sludge plant and SDF 36 for thickening

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