KWT designs and deploys water and wastewater treatment systems for most industrial and municipal applications. With more than 3,600 installations in 77 countries, KROFTA is a world leader in Potable Water Treatment, Biological Treatment and Industrial Waste Water Treatment and Recycling. Water Solutions are based on proven process designs incorporating exclusive, patented equipment and technology.

Founded over 50 years ago by Dr. Milos Krofta as Krofta Engineering Corporation, the company started by building water treatment and fiber recovery installations for the paper industry. It is considered one of the pioneers of Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) technology and is the oldest operating DAF equipment builder.

Today, KWT develops and deploys floatation, clarification and filtration technologies in the paper, food, textile, rubber, chemical and process water recycling sectors. Additionally, KWT experienced process engineering teams have effected the design, fabrication and installation of Communal Wastewater Treatments and Drinking Water Plants in five continents.

The company has constantly evolved to meet these growing markets. In 1987, a dedicated fabrication and Production Engineering facility (ISO 9001, 14001) was founded in Austria to augment the sales/engineering companies operating around the world.

In 2002, KROFTA Waters Technology Ltd. founded in Budapest.


1949 Krofta Engineering SpA. founded in Milan, Italy by Dr. Milos Krofta.

1958 Krofta Engineering Corp. incorporated in Lenox, MA, USA. Krofta France S.A. incorporated.

1959 Krofta Engineering incorporated

1972 First Supercell deployed

1980 First ADT (air dissolving tube) deployed

1982 The company installs its first Potable Water plant in Lenox, MA, USA.

1983 Krofta Waters Inc. incorporated

1984 The company reaches 500 installations worldwide

1987 Krofta is founded in Austria as a dedicated manufacturing and product engineering center.

1989 The company reaches 1000 installations worldwide

1992 Appointment of Dr. Eric Puhar as President of the Krofta group companies
Incorporation of Krofta Russia

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